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hehehe….me blog, everything is solved…

i just posted the post yesterday and everything is solved today(specifically last nite)

i chat-ed with her last nite….

n she’s juz fine….myb it was my mistake

she usually online at midnite….but, i slept early these days. so, i didnt get to chat wit her before….

i’ve been sleepin early cuz i’m tired..wit my cousin’s ceremony and all…

plus, ter’s always things to do on daylite…and goin here and ter…findin things to be airpost to my sister in alex…

furthermore, ter’s a debate comp is held in our skool…our opponent is from another infamous skool(juz kiddin)…

so, mazeltov to our team and MMPM ftw!!!!!^^

btw, i hope my fren wuld accept my apology…



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