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me blog,

hmm… ter’s an occurance Y i wanna post tis..

one nite, i was in the kitchen, cooking…and cleaning…

my parents and other family members were talking in front of the TV in the living room…

and then, my lil bro came into the kitchen to wash his hands…

he told me,”sis, dad wanna buy a new wheels”

at first, i was stunned and asked him again 4 confirmation

then, he told me,”yea.. really”

i was quite fell 4 it…but not much..@_@

then, he said,”april fool”

i was like…”wut do u mean?’

and i was calm as i didnt really trusted him…juz less than 40%..

so, i said to him, “dont u know that we dont suppose to celebrate or do s’thin and say “april fool”???”

he said he didnt know that…and so, i explain it to him…..


if u wanna know the real history of april fool, go to this site….


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