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My bfday^^**

me blog~~~~~!!!!

i’m very happy today….!!! know what??? today was my birthday!!!! wont u wish me happy birthday, me blog??? huhu… hv u forgotten??? it’s August 25th today!!!

i was so happy because i got so many messages wishing me a happy 18th birthday^^*… and not to mention, i got phone calls too.. i’m especially happy when i received birthday wishes from both my parents..

my mum sent a gift picture message with a message saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY DEAREST’ while my dad sent a message saying “HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!”

my feeling was indescribable… i was like, thank you so much!! mum, dad…. and my sis called me early in the morning… thru the call, i asked my sis where is my present… and she said, ur outfit for hari raya is the present… and she said the price of the outfit was hundred something…. then i was like, really??? ok then…

i got to talk with my mum and she aint feeling really well though… hope she’ll get better soon…^^****


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A Cousin

genki, me blog…

i feel so glad that i have a big family. my mom has 9 siblings (the first son died recently) and my father has 4 siblings (the first son died long ago)… so that means currently i have 11 uncles and aunts.. all of them has children ranging from a son and 9 children. so, i have extremely many cousins..hehe and i love all of them.

i’m happy that all of them are doing good and all of them are definitely good people. but, i wanna write about one of them- a cousin from my father side. i dont have any particular reason for choosing him. its just that he’s my cousin and also one of my many good childhood friends..not forgetting, he’s also the wali for me after my father and my both lil bros…

yea, as grew up, people’s expression on him never change. everywhere he went, people always think that he’s good looking. yes, indeed.. i’m not gonna deny the fact that he’s good looking, tall, has a good leadership ability and all. but since i grew up with him, i dont think of him as special.

its amazing how he grew up as a good human being(i dont know other word to use) in fact that his father left him and his family since he was small. and yea, he’s at the same age as me. even me myself never met his dad or i did but i cant remember. that means, he’s really young at the time his dad dies.

he definitely can stand on his own feet and can manage himself. i’m really proud to have him as my cousin. he’s honest about his feelings. i know this because when we were small, i could see that he didnt hide his feelings to the girl that he liked at that time..keke.. but its cute cuz he’s just a kid at that time.. and now, he’s a man.. he conveyed his feelings towards the person he like openly thru fb… and i asked him and yea, no doubt he being honest and admit that he likes this one girl from our high school.

now, we are taking our separate ways…he’s goin to jordan to pursue his ambition and me with mine…

proud to have such good people as my cousins and family…^^

for those that wanna know what wali is, check out this site..~!

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sup! me blog….

its been bothering me lately…T__T

its juz poped out of my mind… idk why… but, i’ve been thinking…@_@

“am i a gud or nice person???”

actually, dat’s not really the phrase dat has been on my mind….

truthfully, it’s, “AM I SELFISH???”

i juz think dat i’m not being nice to the ppl around me…regardless they’re some1 i know-my family,friends…or somewhat stranger…

i’m reflecting myself…and i realized dat i always think about myself and rarely think about any1 else…

from now on, i think i gotta turn a new leaf… and b nicer to every1…

—->luv and respect from me^^

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