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i’m sooo happy me blog,

bcuz last tuesday, my cousin (abe ellie) and his family including her wife (kak na) and his only child (haikal) came to visit me in puncak alam… i was sooo happy. but, i for got to take some pictures..

btw, abe ellie’s brother, abe yie also came.. he’s in uitm kampus puncak perdana.. , he’s taking degree but IONO specifically which course or faculty is he’s under… if i’m not mistaken, he’s now 21y.o which is 3 years older than me…

we went to eat and talked and talked and talked… btw, they actually came to hand me the things that my mum asked him to give it to me…

i hope they will come again.. not only that, i really hope that my other spouse can come to visit me some other times… ok, till then<3<3<3


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