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Dear mom,

I suppose you won’t read this because this is the voice and memory of my heart which I’m just gonna post it here. Mom, you have been the most important person for me since before I was born. This also means I’ve been troubling you since then. I’m really sorry. I realize the fact that I can never ever repay all of your sacrifices. I hope to be a filial daughter to you because that’s all I can do. I’ll try my best, INSYAALLAH.

I apologize for making your feet swollen, causing you morning sickness, limiting your movement and etc. when I’m in your uterus. I apologize for you had to go through the second most pain in the world after death to bring me into the world.

Furthermore, I’ve been taking from you since I’m pasca-born. When I’m a fetus, I used to take the vitamins from you to survive and I also gave you the waste. After I was born, you gave more- your milk that helps to strengthen my body immune to help me fight the bacteria, viruses and etc. I wonder, when can I give back to you?

Your sacrifices for me continue when I was growing up and even when I grew up. You’re always there for me when I’m sinking. Your sacrifices can never be all written down in black and white. I’ll always rewind all of the things that you have done and are doing for me as time passed by.

Thank you, mom…<3 You are certainly can never be replaced…

Your beloved daughter………………….adilah


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me blog,

today i will talk (i mean, i will write) about mum, ibu, mama, mother, okaasan, haha, ummi, emak, eomeoni, eomma or whatever y’all call her with.

when i was first separated from my family to continue my studies in order to pursue my dream and ambition, i was feeling lonely and sad for not having my family by my side. the person that i remember the most and always came across my mind at that time was my mum.

there was once i shed my tears on the verge of calling off the phone conversation with my mum and i noticed that my mum also on the verge of tears at that time..

yea, we always do not appreciate what we have in our life. when that someone or something is gone, by then we’ll realize how important are them to us in our life… i know, mother’s day has passed. but, for us to be filial, its anytime, unconditional..

so mum, love ya!!!

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