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My bfday^^**

me blog~~~~~!!!!

i’m very happy today….!!! know what??? today was my birthday!!!! wont u wish me happy birthday, me blog??? huhu… hv u forgotten??? it’s August 25th today!!!

i was so happy because i got so many messages wishing me a happy 18th birthday^^*… and not to mention, i got phone calls too.. i’m especially happy when i received birthday wishes from both my parents..

my mum sent a gift picture message with a message saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY DEAREST’ while my dad sent a message saying “HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!”

my feeling was indescribable… i was like, thank you so much!! mum, dad…. and my sis called me early in the morning… thru the call, i asked my sis where is my present… and she said, ur outfit for hari raya is the present… and she said the price of the outfit was hundred something…. then i was like, really??? ok then…

i got to talk with my mum and she aint feeling really well though… hope she’ll get better soon…^^****


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