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Dear dad,

You have always been there every time I was down. You’ll be right there when I need consultant. It was and still is you who always solving the curiosity in my mind. I used to be a kid who’d and who’s always wanna know about everything. I was and always full of curiosity. And you have always be patience and answers my every question whether it is logical or not. You’ll always answer it and give me the all the answers I wanted.

When I want to consult an advice or to make a decision upon something, I will always run towards you. And you will always asks me what I wanted in my life and hereafter and then he’ll say, “think about will the decision brings you advantage to the things that you wanted in life and hereafter… no one can affect you or change your future but you… so, make a right decision and the important thing is, never regret you every decision regardless it was a bad one… if it was then learn from it and make a better decision next time…” With this, my dad taught me how to make a right decision and never regret upon any decision made.

Dad, you are my supporter. You always gave your support in whatever I’m doing. You will always help me with things that I’m not good at. When I used to hate writings and weak in mathematics and science, you will gave your best and taught me. You built interest in writings in me and assist me in mathematics and science. If u weren’t able to teach me, you’ll send me to extra classes or asked teacher to teach me instead. Because of that, I’ve been able to achieve success in all subjects and exams. You always care particularly in me education and I’m grateful of that because it also has made me realise how important education is.

Dad, you seemed to care too much in your children but surprisingly we can stand on our own feet and do things on our own. I’m glad and proud to be your daughter. The above is just a few of many things that you have done which is too much and can never all be written down because there’s always something that I might forgotten or didn’t realise.

You have always does anything for me and I wonder when I can be able to do things for you…

Thank you, dad…<3 You are certainly irreplaceable…

Your beloved daughter………………….adilah


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