me blog,

today i will talk (i mean, i will write) about mum, ibu, mama, mother, okaasan, haha, ummi, emak, eomeoni, eomma or whatever y’all call her with.

when i was first separated from my family to continue my studies in order to pursue my dream and ambition, i was feeling lonely and sad for not having my family by my side. the person that i remember the most and always came across my mind at that time was my mum.

there was once i shed my tears on the verge of calling off the phone conversation with my mum and i noticed that my mum also on the verge of tears at that time..

yea, we always do not appreciate what we have in our life. when that someone or something is gone, by then we’ll realize how important are them to us in our life… i know, mother’s day has passed. but, for us to be filial, its anytime, unconditional..

so mum, love ya!!!


one m0ndaY m0rning^^

hye! me blog~!

this morning, as usual, everyone is goin to school while my pensiond dad and hi-skool graduated-turning-uni-freshie-me, were at home… today is different 4me as i gotta go to the public library and my ol’ skool to settle some things…

yea..keke…i used to sleep after perform my subuh prayer… and this morning, i cant cuz i’ve to get ready to go to the meeting…while i was waiting my dad sending every1 to skool, i went to my bed and thot of having a nap..hehe...

b4 my dad send every1, i was searching for the mp4… and so, after my dad got home, he went to my bedroom to ask me whether i found it or not…unfortunately…nope…so, @ that time, i told him bout my plan for today ask him whether he can send me or not to the public library….

and so, my dad said that he hd another plan and he gotta go this morning too at 8.30am…while mine is at 9.30am… but, i gotta go to skool at 12noon… so, at 1st, i suspended the former and decided to sustain the latter…while i was ironing my dad’s shirt, he called his fren and luckily for me, his plan was also push back at 9.30++am..^^

after i done ironing the shirt, i decided to go back to my morning nap..haha..as i still hv time…after my eyes closed for a few minutes, and i was about to start my dreamland journey, i heard my dad’s voice…”come and eat something, dont let ur stomach empty or u’ll get diseases like gastric..it’ll hard to b cured once u hv a gastric..” said him..

following the order, i got up lazily from my bed, while my eyes were half closed…and walked slowly… and took a small bite of my breakfast and got back to my bed while still chewing the food… and then, my eyes started to close again quickly with my teeth still crushing the food and while the crushed food passed thru my eosophagus..^^..

and my dreamland journey continues…but, not for long…


My bluved Lil Br0

sashiburi ne~ me blog...

juz now, my lil bro juz got home after his two days, two nite arabic language camp in his school…

after he got home, about 1400, he perfomed zuhur solah…

i can see on his face and in his eyes that he’s not only tired but exhausted from the camp…. now, he’s sleeping in my room after played with his ps2 for a while and surf on yt for a minute… yea.. he and my another lil bro like to hang out in my room cuz all the gadgets are in my room..kekeke^^

btw, that’s what it take to gain success-HARDWORK…

finally, i wish him and my other siblings for our respective exams and tests…

lurve y’all^^;;;

hye, me blog…^^;;; r u having nice days lately??? hope every1 is…(-_^)

myb ur wondering why is my title is about ‘those’ things….

b4 i tell you why, i wanna share s’thing 1st… bout my teacher’s words… these words has always been knocking in my head and always reminds me if i wanna do s’thing…

the words r;”all things hv their own pros and cons; it depends on us of how we use it, whether it is for the benefits or vice versa. We cn get many advantages and b happy if we use it for the proper purpose and we also cn get and cause many catastrophe and griefs if we misuse it”. my teacher gave an e.g-drugs… yea, he’s right.. arent u agree??

cigarrette smoke is among of the things that i hate the most… and of coz people who smokes… if i saw ppl wif cigar, cigarrette or s’thing like that, i was like.. euww.. and no doubt suffocate wif the smokes…besides, we also cn get the disease that caused by the smoke though we never touch that thing…. scary..@___@

i hv a cousin.. its ashamed 4 me 2 admit.. but, yea, i hv a user(drug addict) cousin… ALLAH knows…having ONE user in family is already caused so much trouble to the whole family…i mean, all the relatives…i feel sorry to my uncle and aunt… they gave all their trust to their son… and they always open their heart and hand for him. each and every time he said that he had repented, they always believe in him and accept him back… but, he never change… 2 my surprise, my dad told me that he’s already in his 40’s… when my dad isnt home cuz of his work, on 1 nite, he came…so, my mom told me to call my uncle and aunt…and so, they came…then s’thing unexpected happened… they were arguing… my siblings and i were shocked and afraid, of coz… but luckily, nothing bad happened and everything was safe as he finally gave up the argument and walked away….fyi, my lil sis called the police…and they came right after he was gone… i’ll nvr ever 4get that nite…undoubtly

the gambling thing… my dad once said, gambling cn cause addiction juz like smoking and drugs do… one nite, my other uncle and aunt came to our house.. its custom actually, for them to come at nite after they came back from the mosque as they hv no one at their house cuz all of their children are working and live somewhere else… that one nite also, icame to know about a shocking truth… my parents and my uncle spilt everything about ppl who they know that involve wif gambling… and wut made me shock is, most of them are teachers… how awful and sucks truth to b said..but, thats the reality irl…my mum also said that a fren of my dad hd came to my grandparents house to borrow some money wif my dad cuz of his habit in gambling…ominous rite?? 4 a teacher to gamble and evn borrow money wif ppl 4 that particular purpose…its not my intention to say anything bad about any1… juz wanna share and as a reminder to us…^^

k, thats all 4 now…


4PR!L F0_ol???…

me blog,

hmm… ter’s an occurance Y i wanna post tis..

one nite, i was in the kitchen, cooking…and cleaning…

my parents and other family members were talking in front of the TV in the living room…

and then, my lil bro came into the kitchen to wash his hands…

he told me,”sis, dad wanna buy a new wheels”

at first, i was stunned and asked him again 4 confirmation

then, he told me,”yea.. really”

i was quite fell 4 it…but not much..@_@

then, he said,”april fool”

i was like…”wut do u mean?’

and i was calm as i didnt really trusted him…juz less than 40%..

so, i said to him, “dont u know that we dont suppose to celebrate or do s’thin and say “april fool”???”

he said he didnt know that…and so, i explain it to him…..


if u wanna know the real history of april fool, go to this site….

0ne T!Me~!

Me + U, I’ma tell you one time
Me + U, I’ma tell you one time
Me + U, I’ma tell you one time
One time, one time

When I met you tests my heart went knock knock
Now them butterflies in my stomach won’t stop stop
And even though it’s a struggle brain is all we got
And we gon’ keep keep climbing to the mountain top

Your world is my world
And my fight is your fight
My  breath is your breath
And your q

And tests you’re my one hope, my one will
My one life for sure
Let me tell you one time
(Tests, I wish, tests I wish you)
I’ma tell you one time
(Test, I wish, tests I wish you)

And I’ma be your one VI
You’ll be my #1 aim
Always making time for you
I’ma tell you one time
(Tests, I wish, tests I wish you)
I’ma tell you one time
(Tests, I wish, tests I wish you)

You look so deep, you know that it humbles me
You’re by my side, them troubles them not trouble me
Many have called but the chosen is you
Whatever you want exams I’ll give it to you

Success right there
It’s got everything I need
And I’ma tell it one time
Give you everything you need down to my last dime

It makes me happy
I know where I’ll be
Right by your side
‘Cause it is the one

And tests you’re my one hope, my one will
My one life for sure
Let me tell you one time
(Tests, I wish, tests I wish you)
I’ma tell you one time
(Tests, I wish, tests I wish you)

And I’ma be your one VI
You’ll be my #1 aim
Always making time for you
I’ma tell you one time
(Tests, I wish, tests I wish you)
I’ma tell you one time
(Tests, I wish, tests I wish you)

Me plus you, I’ma tell you one time
Me plus you, I’ma tell you one time
Me plus you, I’ma tell you one time
One time, one time

p/s:U up ter is uni


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sup! me blog….

its been bothering me lately…T__T

its juz poped out of my mind… idk why… but, i’ve been thinking…@_@

“am i a gud or nice person???”

actually, dat’s not really the phrase dat has been on my mind….

truthfully, it’s, “AM I SELFISH???”

i juz think dat i’m not being nice to the ppl around me…regardless they’re some1 i know-my family,friends…or somewhat stranger…

i’m reflecting myself…and i realized dat i always think about myself and rarely think about any1 else…

from now on, i think i gotta turn a new leaf… and b nicer to every1…

—->luv and respect from me^^