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My bfday^^**

me blog~~~~~!!!!

i’m very happy today….!!! know what??? today was my birthday!!!! wont u wish me happy birthday, me blog??? huhu… hv u forgotten??? it’s August 25th today!!!

i was so happy because i got so many messages wishing me a happy 18th birthday^^*… and not to mention, i got phone calls too.. i’m especially happy when i received birthday wishes from both my parents..

my mum sent a gift picture message with a message saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY DEAREST’ while my dad sent a message saying “HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!”

my feeling was indescribable… i was like, thank you so much!! mum, dad…. and my sis called me early in the morning… thru the call, i asked my sis where is my present… and she said, ur outfit for hari raya is the present… and she said the price of the outfit was hundred something…. then i was like, really??? ok then…

i got to talk with my mum and she aint feeling really well though… hope she’ll get better soon…^^****


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i’m sooo happy me blog,

bcuz last tuesday, my cousin (abe ellie) and his family including her wife (kak na) and his only child (haikal) came to visit me in puncak alam… i was sooo happy. but, i for got to take some pictures..

btw, abe ellie’s brother, abe yie also came.. he’s in uitm kampus puncak perdana.. , he’s taking degree but IONO specifically which course or faculty is he’s under… if i’m not mistaken, he’s now 21y.o which is 3 years older than me…

we went to eat and talked and talked and talked… btw, they actually came to hand me the things that my mum asked him to give it to me…

i hope they will come again.. not only that, i really hope that my other spouse can come to visit me some other times… ok, till then<3<3<3

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hye! me blog~!

this morning, as usual, everyone is goin to school while my pensiond dad and hi-skool graduated-turning-uni-freshie-me, were at home… today is different 4me as i gotta go to the public library and my ol’ skool to settle some things…

yea..keke…i used to sleep after perform my subuh prayer… and this morning, i cant cuz i’ve to get ready to go to the meeting…while i was waiting my dad sending every1 to skool, i went to my bed and thot of having a nap..hehe...

b4 my dad send every1, i was searching for the mp4… and so, after my dad got home, he went to my bedroom to ask me whether i found it or not…unfortunately…nope…so, @ that time, i told him bout my plan for today ask him whether he can send me or not to the public library….

and so, my dad said that he hd another plan and he gotta go this morning too at 8.30am…while mine is at 9.30am… but, i gotta go to skool at 12noon… so, at 1st, i suspended the former and decided to sustain the latter…while i was ironing my dad’s shirt, he called his fren and luckily for me, his plan was also push back at 9.30++am..^^

after i done ironing the shirt, i decided to go back to my morning nap..haha..as i still hv time…after my eyes closed for a few minutes, and i was about to start my dreamland journey, i heard my dad’s voice…”come and eat something, dont let ur stomach empty or u’ll get diseases like gastric..it’ll hard to b cured once u hv a gastric..” said him..

following the order, i got up lazily from my bed, while my eyes were half closed…and walked slowly… and took a small bite of my breakfast and got back to my bed while still chewing the food… and then, my eyes started to close again quickly with my teeth still crushing the food and while the crushed food passed thru my eosophagus..^^..

and my dreamland journey continues…but, not for long…


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sashiburi ne~ me blog...

juz now, my lil bro juz got home after his two days, two nite arabic language camp in his school…

after he got home, about 1400, he perfomed zuhur solah…

i can see on his face and in his eyes that he’s not only tired but exhausted from the camp…. now, he’s sleeping in my room after played with his ps2 for a while and surf on yt for a minute… yea.. he and my another lil bro like to hang out in my room cuz all the gadgets are in my room..kekeke^^

btw, that’s what it take to gain success-HARDWORK…

finally, i wish him and my other siblings for our respective exams and tests…

lurve y’all^^;;;

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me blog,

do u know why am i happy 2day???

cuz my drivin test got postponed….i juz know bout it this evening…

actually, i’m quite happy it got posponed…cuz, dat means i got more time to practice my driving ability…. dont u happy 4me too, me blog??

hmm…myb it’ll b pushback to apr 13th..

yup! gotta practice drivin harder….when ter’s still time^^;;;

——–>luv and respect^^

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my upcomin drivin test…TT^TT

hmm….me blog,

ottokae????there’s only a few weeks for me be4 i took my drivin test….

my driving test will be held on apr 6th 2010….but, ter’s still a lot dat i need to learn-how to park the car, how to drive the car climb up hill…

juz pray and hope da best…not 4gettin to focus and work hard! yup! i’m sure dat i cn do it!

_____keut_____luv n peace_________

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