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my dear wordpress,

at first, i was so nervous thinking about how i’m gonna live my life as an asasian.. i was thinking that it might be hard for me to adapt.

but somehow alhamdulillah, i can adapt myself in no time. there are many good people here. and i get to know many good friends.

i am not comparing or anything but indeed i am becoming more confident to stand in front and face people since i came here. it was way good here. back then when i was in my high school, i didn’t get to be like that. i can say that i was QUITE timid at the time.

but here as an asasian, i learnt to be more confident and knows how to bring myself in front of people. and undeniably, i can be more open about how i feel with my friends here. i mean NOT the lovey dovey feeling towards different sexes. it was like, i can be more honest as myself.

however, i’m not saying that i was always lying in high school. its just that here i can express how i feel and be friend with everyone without dealing with statuses.. and everyone here is outgoing and sprting

lastly, yes! it was fun back then when i was a high schooler but it’s more fun as an asasian.


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I am the second child in my family. I have a big sister who is just one year older than me. After me, there are 2 little sisters and 2 little brothers. Because i only have her as my only big sis, i really looked up to her. And yes, she’s worth to be looked up to. She is just perfect as a child, a sister, a friend, a student, everything.

She’s not only kind and soft-hearted, but she’s also a very smart person i’ve ever met. She got straight a’s in her exam and was accepted to study in egypt with a scholarship in medicine. She should be in her second year this year.

I was once dreaming to go and continue my studies in the same place as her too. But unfortunately i wasn’t accepted. Frankly speaking, i was truly frustrated at that time, GOK.. But i didn’t give up and still continuing my studies here in malaysia. and truly, i love it here more i guess…

A week ago, something that wasn’t expected happened in egypt. A demonstration- a major one. It happen in most of the major cities in egypt including the place where my big sis at. When i hear the news, i felt like something was striking my heart. I was so worried that i almost couldn’t do anything. My head was never even one moment not thinking about my big sis safety.

I also thought that Alhamdulillah i didn’t continue my studies there. If not, it would totally make my parents worry more. And yes indeed, everything happens for a reason


p/s: Lets Du’a to my big sis and all of the malaysian students in egypt and the people of egypt to be safe…

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